Coffee roasting in Verona since 1979

We have a long history of passion for artisan coffee. Our roasting was born in the province of Verona in 1979, on the shores of Lake Garda. For us, making espresso coffee is an art, a passion to be cultivated day by day. It all begins with a grain: a simple seed that smells of grass and that, through the heat of the fire and the expert hand of the roaster, is transformed and opens up unexpected worlds of pleasure. Only in this way can we produce the best coffee beans for a true Italian espresso.

Every day, in our artisan coffee roasting, we select, blend and roast the best raw coffees in the world to perfection, packaging them within 24 hours of roasting. In this way, by packaging fresh coffee in whole beans, we are able to minimize the oxidation of its delicate aromas, which instead would quickly degrade once ground.

In our artisan roasting plant in Affi in the province of Verona, in a tasting room, you can buy our blends and single-origin coffee beans for automatic and professional machines. Furthermore, in our roasting, in Affi in the province of Verona, we organize workshops, courses and tastings related to the world of coffee, to promote and share the passion that unites us.

Roen and Bendinelli

Our artisan coffee

With our two brands Caffè Roen and Espresso Bendinelli we have created a wide range of coffee blends, able to satisfy all the needs of a clientele with extremely varied tastes. Our selection of products is designed to offer you the best Italian espresso coffee, also suitable for the most varied preparations with milk.

Try our rich selection of blends: 100% Arabica coffee, Extra bar, Costa del Sol, Gran Bar, Intenso and Armonioso, each with its own characteristics and organoleptic properties.

Let yourself be involved also by our single origin coffees, and follow us on a journey to the best selected farms to offer you an exceptional coffee.

100% Arabica Gourmet Coffee

100% Arabica

€ 25,00 € 20,00

100% Arabica Coffee

100% Arabica

€ 25,00 € 20,00

Armonioso Coffee

90% Arabica – 10% Robusta

€ 23,00 € 19,00

Extra Bar Coffee

80% Arabica – 20% Robusta

€ 22,00 € 18,50

Costa del sol Coffee

60% Arabica – 40% Robusta

€ 20,00 € 17,00

Intenso Coffee

40% Arabica – 60% Robusta

€ 20,00 € 17,00

Gran Bar Coffee

40% Arabica – 60% Robusta

€ 18,00 € 15,00

Single-dose pods E.S.E.

40% Arabica – 60% Robusta

€ 45,00 € 38,00

Malabar Monsoon India Coffee

Single origin 100% Arabica

€ 26,00 € 23,00

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