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Our roasting company Caffe Roen was established in 1979 in Pacengo di Lazise, near Verona, on the shores of Lake Garda. Thanks to his experience in the coffee industry, Sergio Bendinelli decided to found his own roasting company, to produce espresso coffee according to his own taste. At first he used a small roaster that allowed him to develop the first blends and to start a small coffee production, intended primarily for Ho.Re.Ca industry

The first years were a crescendo of successes, customers increased steadily and the reputation of quality and reliability of the company was strengthened more and more. Later on came the transfering to new premises in Affi, a small town not far away, specially built to accommodate the new production facilities and in following the tasting and the training rooms.

The transfer to Affi also coincided with major changes in the company, the holder was joined by new employees and began opening to foreign markets, this was a choice that proved to be far-sighted and that was finally consolidated with the entry of the son Enrico within the company, which thanks to the degree in languages, began to engage in the export sector, bringing a wave of innovation and dynamism.

The recent years

Increase and development of European markets
with particular success amongst coffee lovers and Italian espresso connoisseurs

Refinement of raw coffee selection standards
with the development of new product quality control and traceability procedures

Participation in international competitions
with numerous awards won by the company's flagship blends

New partnerships and collaborations join our team
boosting sales and production while maintaining the superior craftsmanship of the product during every stage of processing

Educational and informative offers in the coffee industry
with workshops, courses and guided tastings for both the public and professionals in the sector

information and contacts

Caffè Roen s.r.l
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